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Black Wildebeest Hunting in Namibia

Connochaetes gnou

Black wildebeest hunt in Namibia with Zana Botes Safari
Black wildebeest shot placement

The Black Wildebeest (also known fondly as the Swart Wildebeest in local Afrikaans) can be distinguished by its black or dark brown coat, and it’s white, horse-like tail. This tail is distinctly different from that of the Blue Wildebeest species, which has a black tail. This is why the Black Wildebeest is also known as the White-Tailed Gnu.

Black Wildebeest are slightly paler in summer, with coarser, darker coats in the winter. They are incredibly fast runners for their size and communicate using a variety of visual and vocal communications. Their favourite pastures tend to be open plains and grasslands, which make for a challenging hunt.

The adult male usually measures anywhere between 111 and 121cm in height and can weigh up to 157kg; females usually reach a maximum height of 116cm and a weight of 122kgs. The male Black Wildebeest is also much darker in colour to the female.

Calves have shaggy, fawn-coloured coats and are with their mothers until about a year.

Although their coats and tails are different to the Blue Wildebeest, Black Wildebeest have bushy, dark-tipped manes, similar to that of their cousins. On the jaw and muzzle you will notice a black bristly beard.

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