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Steenbuck Hunting Safari in Namibia
Raphicerus campestris

Steenbok hunt Namibia
Steenbok Shot Placement

Steenbok resemble small Oribi, standing 45–60 cm (16"–24") at the shoulder. Their pelage(coat) is any shade from fawn to rufous, typically rather orange. The underside, including chin and throat, is white, as is the ring around the eye. Ears are large with "finger-marks" on the inside. Males have straight, smooth, parallel horns 7–19 cm long.

Steenbok live in a variety of habitats from semi-desert,  open plains, stony savannah, and Acaciagrassland mosaics

Steenbok are active during the day and the night; however, during hotter periods, they rest under shade during the heat of the day. The time spent feeding at night increases in the dry season.

At the first sign of trouble, steenbok typically lie low in the vegetation. If a predator or perceived threat comes closer, a steenbok will leap away and follow a zigzag route to try to shake off the pursuer and suddenly drop to the ground.

They are found all over Namibia and hunt takes place any time of the day. It usually a very slow approach keeping your glued to them as they easily disappear in the grass when dropping down.

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