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Springbuck Hunting Safari in Namibia
Antidorcas marsupialis

Springbuck hunting in Namibia with Zana Botes Safari

The springbok is a slender antelope with long legs and neck. is the smallest subspecies; males are 75 cm (30 in) tall and females 72 cm (28 in) tall. Average weight of males is 31 kg (68 lb), while for females it is 27 kg (60 lb). Both sexes have horns with males horns being thicker and longer than females.


Springbok are mainly active around dawn and dusk in Namibia. Activity is influenced by weather; springbok can feed at night in hot weather, and at midday in colder months. They rest in the shade of trees or bushes, and often bed down in the open when weather is cooler. 

Mixed-sex herds or harems have a roughly 3:1 sex ratio; bachelor individuals are also observed.[16] In the mating season, males generally form herds and wander in search of mates. Females live with their offspring in herds, that very rarely include dominant males. Territorial males round up female herds that enter their territories and keep out the bachelors; mothers and juveniles may gather in nursery herds separate from harem and bachelor herds. After weaning, female juveniles stay with their mothers until the birth of their next calves, while males join bachelor groups


The hunt is to find territorial males and try to get close. As they are often preyed on by predators they are very vigilant.

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