Zana Botes

Having been born and raised in Namibia, Zana has always had a love for nature. 

Countless days and were spent on his fathers cattle ranch slowly creeping through the bush with the .22 taking aim at almost anything. But the love of cattle was never as great as his love for wild game & hunting the Namibian bush.

After completing high school Zana went to South Africa to play professional rugby. But his love was always the Namibian plains.

After studying at the University of Free-State Zana came back and pursued his hunting dream. Coming through the ranks and gaining experience hunting in Namibia, Tanzania and working with some of the best know PHs in Namibia, a decision was made to start his own journey.

Zana is known for not seeing problems but only solutions. His calmness keen eye and ever present smile makes him a joy to hunt with. A firm believer in the ethics in hunting and fair chase provides you with a guarantee that a person is for some hard hunting and a unbelievable experience.

Zana pays attention to every detail of the hunt providing you with the best experience while putting you on unbelievable trophies. Creating memories that last a life time.

Join him as he shows his love for Namibian bush while making your African dream come true.