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Lechwe Hunting Safari in Namibia
Kobus leche

Lechwe Hunting in Namibia With Zana Botes Safari
Lechwe Shot Placement

Lechwe stand 90 to 100 cm (35 to 39 in) at the shoulder and weigh from 70 to 120 kg (150 to 260 lb). They are golden brown with white bellies. Males are darker in colour. 

The hind legs are somewhat longer in proportion than in other antelopes to ease long-distance running on marshy soil.


They use the knee-deep water as protection from predators. Their legs are covered in a water-repellant substance which allows them to run quite fast in knee-deep water. Lechwe are diurnal. They gather in herds which can include many thousands of individuals. Herds are usually all of one sex, but during mating season they mix.


They are often found near water and marshy areas. The hunt is usually early morning as the bed down during the hottest part of the day in Namibia.

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