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Blue Wildebeest Hunting Safari in Namibia

Blue Wildebeest Hunt in Namibia with Zana Botes Safarii
Blue Wildebeest shot placement

Connochaetes taurinus

The Blue Wildebeest (also known as the White-bearded Wildebeest) is found throughout Namibia and South Africa. The adult male can weigh up to 290kg and measure 1.5m at the shoulders, while the females are slightly smaller.

Broad-shouldered and muscular, the Blue Wildebeest has a front-heavy appearance, with large horns that extend outward and then curve up and in. In males the horns can be up to 83cm (33in) in length, while horns of females grow to a maximum of 40cm (16in).

These large, magnificent antelope get their name from their unusual bluish or silver-grey coats, and the touch of white beard you see on their distinctive muzzles. Young are born tawny brown and begin to take on adult colouration from about two months old. 

Along with their slate-like pelts, adult Blue Wildebeests also have dark brown vertical stripes between the neck and the back of the ribcage, which is why they are sometimes nicknamed the “brindled gnu”. The manes of both sexes are long, stiff and jet black – the same colour as the face and tail. 

Territorial and loan bulls make a formidable mark and provide a fantastic hunt.

We offer expert guidance on our safaris, from tracking the Blue Wildebeest to bow hunting and shot placement.

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