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Zana Botes Hero

Roan Hunting Safari in Namibia
Hippotragus equinus

Roan hunt in Namibia with Zana Botes Safari
Roan Shot Placement

The roan antelope is one of the largest species of antelope; only eland, bongo and large male greater kudu can exceed them in weight. They measure 190–240 cm (75–94 in) from the head to the base of tail and the tail measures 37–48 cm (15–19 in). The body mass of males is 242–300 kg (534–661 lb) and of females is 223–280 kg (492–617 lb).


Horns are similar to the sable antelope just much sorter. Males having a horn length of 22-30"The are often fun in thick woodlands and savanna plains in Namibia. 


Territorial bulls can be extremely hard to hunt are they are very aware. The have big ears that pics up the smallest noises. They often use big trees are cover hiding the shade and carefully watching you approach.

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