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Zana Botes Hero

Red Hartebeest Hunting Safari
Alcelaphus buselaphus caama

Red Hartebeest hunt in Namibia with Zana Botes Safari
Red Hartebeest shot placement

 The average weight of a male is about 150 kg, and female is 120 kg. Their average shoulder height is 135 cm, and horns are 60 cm long. The life expectancy of a red hartebeest is around 19 years.[5] Little sexual dimorphism is noted between males and females, showing no distinct identifiable physical features, but body size is slightly affected. Horn size, however, expresses more dimorphism between males and females, 


Hartebeests have an excellent sense of hearing and smell, although their sense of sight is poor. When alarmed, hartebeests flee, reaching a maximum speed of 55 km/h.


They tend to look for the best grazing and are very sensitive to the droughts in Namibia. 


Due to the poor eyesight it is best to hunt them early morning.

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