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Dangerous Game Hunting in Namibia

Updated: May 23, 2023

The Caprivi Strip of Namibia offers some of the best Buffalo, Elephant, Hippo and Crocodile Hunting.

Carpivi strip is called the gate way to Africa. Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola and Botswana all border this small strip. With various rivers flowing through this area namely Okavango, Zambezi, Kwando, Chobe and Linyati creating the prefect wetland and floodplains for these dangerous game species.

A short commercial flight to Rundu or Katima Mulilo bring you into this areas. One will see and experience the beautiful and wild Namibia.

Quotas are limited in these areas with Game counts and studies being done every year to ensure the sustainability of these area.

Our Government has set up various of these concession and National Park to ensure the nature is protected and kept while helping & developing communities. The success story is ever present as people are educated on the importance of living with these Species as Human Wildlife conflict is ever growing.

Every animal harvested in these areas help sustain communities. All the meat is distributed to the communities. This decreasing poaching by providing a constant meat supply to local communities as protein is scares resource.

Hunts are between 7-15 days depending on the species pursued. One will find buffalo every day but the challenge come with finding the right animal to harvest. We search for old, mature post productive animals. As this is unfenced part of Namibia all species move in and out and where they please.

A 375 H&H is the minimum caliber allowed to hunt these species. A good soft point bullet (Barnes TSX, Swift A-Frames, Bearclaws) are recommended. But your professional hunter will guide you more on your ammunition choice as certain species would require a Solid Bullet.

Hunting usually starts early morning where certain roads and areas are cut off to find fresh tracks. We then set off on these tracks on foot to scout and see what these tracks will deliver. Lunch will either be picnic in the bush or lunch back at camp depending on what we have found. Evenings are spent around the bushman television while enjoying the beautiful sounds of mother nature.

Hunting Dangerous Game in Namibia is must for every hunter who wants to experience wild Africa.

Buffalo Hunting in Namibia
Buffalo Hunting in Namibia

Buffalo Hunting in Namibia
Buffalo Hunting in Namibia

Hippo Hunting in Namibia
Hippo Hunting in Namibia

Elephant in Namibia with poachers bullet on shoulder
Elephant in Namibia

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