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Honoring Elands

Hunting Eland is always special. The pusuit of this big muscular is a test for every hunter.

Zana Botes Safari has some of the best Eland a person can find in Namibia. But be ready to walk. As these big bulls are often track for many miles.

Picking up a fresh track early morning is a big advantage as one can slowly follow them.

One has to be patient in the tracking as quick and sudden moves can easily startle these bulls and cause them to run many more miles.

Shot placement is a great importance as on any other specie. A good shot on the shoulder is vital. Frontal shots can be difficult as it big hanging dewlap can easily change the path of a bullet.

It is without a doubt one of the most rewarding hunts you can do and one of my personal favorites.

Belowe is a link of an acticle written by Bwana Moja his eland hunting stories

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