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What to bring to with

What to pack is always on the mind everybody before a big trip and often a lot of unnecessary things are brought with. Here are a few tips on what to bring with.


(laundry is done every day in camp so no reason to bring too much)

  • Olive or Khaki in colour

  • 2x shorts

  • 2x long-pants

  • 3x hunting shirt

  • something comfortable after the hunt

  • rain jacket (February - April)

  • Jacket or layers that can be worn early morning and late afternoon.

  • Hat

  • toiletries


  • binoculars

  • camera

  • chargers (Namibia works on 220V)

  • flashlight

  • sunblock & lip balm

  • Rifle you are comfortable with and enough ammo (Namibia allows you to bring a maximum of 80 rounds with you)

Any medication that is required to be taken by yourself

Namibia has clean and safe drinking water. Only the Caprivi/Zambezi strip is declared in Malaria area. When one is hunting plains game no malaria mediaction is needed.

It is always good to bring some cash with or a credit card if one would want to do some shopping. Namibia accepts MasterCard and Visa (No American Express)

Always good to have a set of your paperwork in hard copy with you.

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