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What to expect in a day

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Every Professional Hunter approaches each day different. Wether it is Package hunt, Custom hunt, Rifle or Bow hunt we try and keep each day the same.

Morning usually start of with a cup of coffee and something light to eat as the sun just start to make his appearance. We set off on our fully equipped hunting vehicles with trackers and all to explore the Namibia bush and see what the day will provide. With early morning being some of the best hunting time we scout the landscapes or look for fresh tracks to follow on foot.

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Depending on the day we try and be back at camp at about 11:30 AM for a big brunch but a brunch in the bush is always a possibility depending on the morning. Midday animals tend to bed down and movement is scares. We follow their lead with afternoon siesta to recharge the batteries.

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Heading back out at 03:00/04:00 PM all depending on the weather and movement. As the animals start grazing and moving as the day cools down. Creating exceptional time for stalking.

Legal hunting time ends half an hour after sunset. Thus we start heading back to camp only to be greeted by the Bushman Television sharing the stories of the day while listening to the African Bush come alive with a G&T or glass of South Africas best wines.

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As we enjoy the beautiful night under the stars dinner is being prepared from our in house chef. Preparing some of the best game meat for you to get a real taste of Africa. No day is complete without something sweet before bed.

Only going to bed with excitement of what tomorrow will bring.

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